Montana Matters - Philipsburg

Philipsburg has a long history of hospitality. And it’s a tradition we look forward to continuing as we host visitors from around the world each season, to experience our mountains, waters, wildlife and fascinating local history. We are proud of our town and the beauty that surrounds us, and you’ll find that the locals love showing it off. We greatly appreciate travelers who are mindful of our community while exploring, so our businesses can stay safe and open, and our landscape remains unspoiled.

Here are a few tips that you can help us do this:

Know Before You Go

While Philipsburg is far from the hustle of big cities, we still have a lively events calendar through the year that can draw a crowd. From our annual Philipsburg Rotary concert in the summer to our beloved Yule Night each December, there are definitely weekends that require a bit of pre-planning to secure accommodation or a dinner reservation. It helps to arrive early and or check in with businesses ahead of time to make sure they are open.

Practice Physical Distancing

We Montanans love our wide open spaces - and there is plenty of space here in Philipsburg for everyone. With that in mind, please be considerate of social distancing needs that can vary from business to business and may be different from your own. We appreciate travelers who are respectful of our small community, whether you are here for a weekend of fly-fishing or just a day of shopping and sight-seeing. When you can, allow for as much space as possible. For instance, If you are hiking one of our trails, give plenty of room to others to pass comfortably, or consider an alternate trail that might be less crowded if a trailhead parking lot is packed.

Plan Ahead

Montana weather, terrain, and regulations can change - sometimes quickly. Be flexible, have a back-up plan or travel route and consider checking in with local authorities on possible road or facility closures or restrictions, especially during the winter months. Make sure you have a first aid kit, sunscreen, warm clothes and extra food and water before you hit the road. We’d also recommend bug spray and making sure you layer clothing while outside to stay comfortable.

Play it Safe

With an abundance of outdoor recreation right outside our doors, the Philipsburg area has some exciting terrain to test out skills on the ski hill, rivers, or just on a spin around our town’s ice skating rink in the evening. Have fun, but know your limits to reduce the strain on our local search and rescue team.

Don’t forget that we need to be mindful of wildlife at all times of the year. Bring binoculars and keep a safe distance - stay at least 25 yards away from elk and bighorn sheep and 100 yards away from moose or bear, especially if they have young ones with them. Please don’t feed the wildlife.

Be “Bear Aware.” Get familiar with how to use bear spray and keep it handy while outside. Make sure your campsite is clean and that food is stored in bear-proof canisters or strung high between trees. Make noise on hikes so wildlife know you are approaching, and when possible, hike with others.

Leave No Trace

The magnificent landscape that surrounds Philipsburg is one of the reasons why we love where we live. We would ask that visitors help us keep our backyard unspoiled. While exploring the public lands, please take care of them by staying on the trails and packing out any trash you take in with you. If you are planning on camping, pick a spot where there is an existing campsite or choose a place where there isn’t any vegetation.

Our county - like all of Montana - has been prone to wildland fires through the years. Ensure your campfire has been properly extinguished before leaving your campsite, to reduce human-made fires in our area.

“Clean. Drain. Dry.” Please be aware of - and follow - current protocols to protect our waters from invasive species.

Build an Inclusive Outdoors

We want everyone to feel welcomed when they come to visit us in Philipsburg. Please be patient and respectful of others on the trails, ski hill and in the town shops, regardless of age, identity or ability. Philipsburg is a wonderful place in the world and we want everyone to experience the best of who we are. You can help us do that.